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Help!!! Retrospect goes wrong yet again!!!!

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Because the preferences may be damaged, I would start with new preferences to see if the catalog contents show up:


1) Stop the Retrospect engine

2) Remove the config80.dat and config80.bak files from library/application support/Retrospect

3) start the Retrospect engine

4) Open Retrospect and enter your license code

5) Go to Media Sets>locate and open the catalog.


if the catalog is still empty, you will need to perform a catalog rebuild so you can restore the old config file.

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Thanks Dunagen, but what exactly am contacting support about? I have blanked both drives of data and started again.... Yet again! We don't have time to wait for a reply that never comes! Or to be honest here in the UK you get through to a call centre where they barely speak English! We are looking at other back up options now, as I said it's pretty appalling that the software does't work consistently. By asking your customers to stump up more cash for a version that actually works just isn't good enough!!!

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I have reinstalled it thank you. Still none the wiser why Retrospect can't run for more than a few months. Had no reply from your support since I sent the console and all logs. To be honest by the time anyone bothers getting back to you, I have usually had to take matter in to my own hands! Which usually means completely starting all over again, spending days in limbo risking huge date loss!!!


You can't say things like "Oh yeah we know there was an issue with that version, but if you pay more to upgrade to the new version we have fixed it". Upgrade to new version.... Oh wait still doesn't work!!!! And the support is still completely useless, never able to fix the issues that arise.

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