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Backup "Needs Media" but has media with plenty of space

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I rebuilt the backup set and it worked.  I needed to rebuild the next backup set as well (I have five on this disk) for it to work too.  I am trying to do just a "Repair" to save time (still unclear when I should choose one or the other, even after reading the documentation) on the third to see what happens.


What kinds of things could cause this?  Is there any sort of hidden log that's more detailed than what's in the app's UI?  It would be a big help if we knew what could cause this so we can prevent it in the future.


As backup software is, by its nature, mission critical, it'd be great if, once it was set up, I could be certain it would run without me constantly babysitting it.  Sorry to go off on a rant, but I've been using this software in one capacity or another for about 10 years and am amazed at how much it does and how robust it is, but also at how buggy and unreliable it can be, how unintuitive the UI, and how jumbled the documentation.  I have looked for alternatives for those reasons but always come back to "no, I want to use THIS, I just want it to work."


Rant over, I am grateful to those on these boards to offer their help, and to Retrospect's own support people to help at times when I needed it and honestly didn't expect to get any.





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Sort of.  Following Repair it started re-backing up everything. If I didn't catch it in time it would have filled my backup drive.  I cancelled it and am running a rebuild (this will take about 8 hours I believe).  Hopefully this evening I can backup normally and it will be done in time to take the drive off-site on Monday.  I am also doing away with the "Retrospect Defined" grooming and only saving 1 backup of each set since this is an offsite backup in case of catastrophic server room damage (incrementals are cloned on-site).


Thanks for your help Lennart.

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