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Cannot update clients from 9.0 to 9.5 using Retrospect


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I cannot update a 32-bit client from 9.0 to 9.5 using Retrospect (Single Server).


Configure, Clients, select client, Tools, Update, select "Win_Client_Update_9_5_0_139.rcu" (from .zip download). The dialog is "Really update from version 9.0 (187) to 9.5.0 (139)?", and I click Ok. I receive Error dialog: "Client CLIENT could not be updated. error -1 (unknown).


64-bit clients seem to work. The full download Retrospect_9_5_0_140.zip has the same .RCU file in both the 32 and 64 bit folders (in the roem\Tools folders). The 32-bit installer at each machine also seems to work.


Must I run the installer on each 32-bit machine, or should there be a separate .RCU (version 9.0 looks to use the same .RCU for each)? I've been able to use the Tools, Update in version 9.0 (although sometimes I had to install in person if there was an Administrator access problem.)

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I am seeing the same behavior in an environment with:


Retrospect Mac 11.5 Multi-Server on Mac OS X Server 10.6.8

Windows XP Pro 32-bit clients (VMs actually); doesn't seem to matter what login state is


One of the 4 Windows VMs was actually at v8.5. I was able to push the v9.0 client update from the v11.5 Mac Server. But then I was unable to go to v9.5. The error in the log was simply:


!Client AVGadmin could not be updated.
error -1 ( unknown)


In another environment w/ the same Mac Server version (although Single, not Multi) but Windows 7 clients (probably 64-bit, but I'm not sure-- I don't handle those systems often), the v9.5 update seems to apply smoothly.



Robin, a related complaint, FWIW, is that it seems to take multiple attempts to update Mac clients via Mac Console (I realize this is the Windows forum, but it may happen from a Windows Retro Server as well), and the process is quite arduous. There's no progress indicator and no way to tell if the update has succeeded. I've had to try again and again to get some clients to update. I had a little better luck by first toggling the client using Remote Desktop and the "launchctl" command, then updating. As a whole, not a very user-friendly process!




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I am running into the same problem updating clients. Here is the information on our system:

  Retrospect server  running on Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

  Server software:  Multi Server Version

  Client software:   9.0.0 (187)

  Update file:          Win_Client_Update_9_5_0_139.rcu


Some machines update just fine, while others just respond with "error -1 (unknown)". Workstations are almost all Win 7, while servers are either Win Server 2008 or Win Server 2012.

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