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How to restore RE 6.1 archive file on newer Mac

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I'm looking for a way to access data from my old Retrospect Express 6.1 files. RE has not been run for a long time now and my Mac is currently an Intel Mac running OS X 10.7.5, so RE 6.1 will not run.


I've downloaded Retrospect 11.0.1 and was hoping for a quick way to drop in and restore an archive file, but I'm not seeing how that's done. Any info or a link to a how-to would be helpful.





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Restoring from Retrospect 6.x backups

Retrospect 11 for Mac can restore from Backup Sets created by Retrospect 6.x for Mac (except those of type Internet). However, it is not possible to add more data to these Backup Sets using version 11.0; Retrospect 11 for Mac treats version 6.x Backup Sets as read-only.


Before it’s possible to search or restore from a 6.x Backup Set using Retrospect 11 for Mac, a Retrospect 11 for Mac Catalog must first be created. To create a version 11.0 Catalog from the 6.x media, go to the Media Sets view in Retrospect 11 for Mac, click on the Rebuild button in the toolbar, add the Backup Set members (like “1-Backup Set A” and “2-Backup Set A”) that contain the backup data, click Next, and then click Rebuild. You will need to tell Retrospect where to save the new Catalog. Retrospect will then scan over the backup media and generate a new Catalog. This will take some time. Once this process completes, you will be able to restore from that Backup Set.


To rebuild a Catalog from an Optical Disc Backup Set, it is first necessary to activate optical device support. The instructions for activating optical support can be found in the Retrospect Knowledgebase.

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I've finally started working on this and I'm trying with v.12.5.0, since v.11 is now an old version and trial keys are generated for v.12 only.


I think I'm in the right place where you create a media set and then rebuild, but when I select the old catalog file to be rebuilt it says, "Not enough disk space to duplicate file." I don't know why it would be duplicating the file on that drive. I'm unable to move/copy my two catalogs to another drive due to them being large; I'm running into disk error -36 before I can complete it.



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