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Certain clients do not groom old snapshots.

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I have a backup set called Desktops.  It runs overnight to disk.  In the morning a groom script runs.   The backup set preference for grooming is the last 4 backups.

Onlycertain clients groom correctly.  I have to go in and manually forget the old snapshots for the clients that do not groom automatically.

Has anyone else seen this?  Is there an easy solution?  Manually removing snapshots is very time consuming.


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Unfortunately not.  I have seen taht behavior before when moving users to new computers.  I have purged the offending snapshots to the grooming specifications and subsequent backups continue to not be groomed requiring me to manually groom again.  I did notice in the "Restore" area that some backup clients have human heads instead of computers.  Not sure if that is part of the problem or not.

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Wed, Thu, but not Fri the first week.

Wed, Thu, Fri the second week but not Mon, Tue.

Mon, Tue, Wed the current week.


What can we make out of this? Not much, I guess.

I was expecting four weekdays in a row, a gap and then the last four weekdays.


Any problems/errors with the backups of this client? With any other client?

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