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User drives mounted to a server that is being backed up grey out or duplicate

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I'm having problems when backing up certain volumes with Retrospect.  My users that have drives mounted to a volume that is being backed up show the drive as being greyed out.   When they click on the drive the drive comes up but creates duplicates and only one of the drives is accessible.  They end up getting multiple drives on their desktop.  They also can not eject these drives.   I also believe that this may cause at some point the drive to become corrupted because the same type of behavior happend last week and the drive on the server disappeared and I had to use Disk Warrior to fix it.


I've reported this to Retrospect and they say that the type of disk error I got is not something that would be caused by Retrospect that they are merely doing a copy type operation but there seems to be something going on durign the backups with disk access.   I am backing from a Promise Pegasus disk array to another storage array and using OSX Mavericks and Retropect 11.0.1


I'm attacing a picture of the drives that appear on my users desktop.  Notice the creative2 drives.  These are the ones I'm talking about. Has anyone seen this type of problem or have any ideas on what to look for or possibly some setttings I may change?   Thanks..


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