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For client install issues, try this:


Macintosh Clients

1) Go to the client computer

2) Run the uninstall script included with the Retrospect Client installer

3) Go to Library/preferences and delete the retroclient.state file

4) Reinstall the Retrospect Client. Retrospect should prompt you to enter a new password during the install process.

5) Go to the backup server and re-add the Retrospect Client.



Windows Clients

1) Go to the client computer

2) Go to Add/Remove programs and uninstall the Retrospect Client

3) Re-install the Retrospect Client

4) Go to the backup server and re-add the Retrospect Client.

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I'm not sure where to post this, and I'm sure I'm not going to get an answer back tonight, but it's worth a try. I stopped using Retrospect some time back, but now I need to open some old backup files. I downloaded a new version of RS, and asked it to rebuild the old "Restrospect Data" file (that, on my Mac Pro running 10.8.5, looks like an exe file from a PC), and it immediately created two new files on the backup disk: "Retrospect Data.rbf" and "Retrospect Data.rbf.rfc" 


The original file was 854.9GB


the "rbf" file is 138.34 GB


The "rbf.rfc" file is 4KB.


The Retrospect window, showing the file I wanted to rebuild, shows the filename, Type: File, and then "Busy" under the Files, Used, Free, Capacity, and Members columns. I don't know whether I can try to open and uncompress the files on another disk, or whether the "Busy" means it's still working. Nor is it clear which file has the rebuilt archive.


If there's anyone here who can steer me to some help on this, it would be much appreciated.


Thank you,

Gary Stockdale


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