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Where are the missing files

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Always when I'm trying to restore some files, the number of files never reaches the expected number of files.


I would expect to find 1,269,119 files to restore.


Still not 1,269,119 files.


Matching is finished, not 1,269,119 files.


Can only restore 1,265,142 files.



Where are the missing (roughly) 4000 files?


Retrospect 7.6.123, Windows 2003 Server.

Client does not matter, there are files missing regardless of Windows or Mac clients.

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I don't think you will necessarily see a final value that is 100%. Matching does a lot of calculations that are pretty hard to track. Some have to do with files that existed on the disk during backup and have been copied from that disk. Some are related to files that didn't get copied from your disk because identical copies had been copied from a different disk. Some calculations take place if a disk contains multiple versions of the same file. The 3 matching passes each pull data from the snapshot in different ways to give you a final total that appears in the browser.


Also, if you have missing members, the values will be thrown off during matching.

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