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guidance requested for the backup I'm trying to perform

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I have Retrospect Pro 8.5 and I'm trying to create the following backup:


All files on C: except cache files,

and excluding C:\PhotosDB       (a huge dir tree of photos which I plan to "duplicate" separately)

and excluding C:\Retrospect Catalog Files     (the dir where I store my catalog files which I plan to "duplicate" separately)

and excluding swapfile.sys      (a Windows 8 swap file which is big, changes frequently, and I don't think I would need it to recover my system).


How can I set this up?   (I plan to setup a script to do it.)


I tried creating a script using Advanced Mode, and specifying Selection as being "All files except cache files"

and then clicking on the blue checkmark in order to see the tree of files... I then unmarked the PhotosDB dir and the Retrospect Catalog Files dir and the swapfile.sys file, and then clicked on "OK", and ran the backup, but it seems to backup those dirs anyways.  And when I go back in to edit that script again, it does not reflect that I unmarked them earlier... like it doesn't "save" my updated list of marked files.


Your advice on how to setup a script to perform my desired backup would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

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