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How to start Retrospect Client?

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Using Retrospect 8.1 on Windows Server 2008 R2 - How do I start client to figure out what is configured?  Use tool?  All tutorials show client already open.


I am logged as Admin on Server.  I click red box and I get "Retrospect is already running in another user's session". 


Please advise.

Thanks - Diana.




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You can Restart Retro in your session by clicking the green "power" button in that little Retro window.

It may take some time, especially if Retro is busy with a backup, as it will first gracefully stop what it is doing.


I also find this aspect of Retrospect confusing and annoying, especially if you use RDP to remotely access the server, as everyone does these days.


Retrospect runs as a normal windows application (like Excel or whatever) and not as a service (like most other backup applications)  This means it has to run as some user.

You can control which user, or leave the "System" account in the config settings.

You can also control when and how Retro closes or stays running.

If you are controlling Retro almost exclusively through RDP then check the manual for "Terminal Services" there is a section there discussing this. Unfortunately it is difficult to retrofit the solution as it involves actually installing Retro through Terminal Services.

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