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Best way to backup a server

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Hi there.  I've just upgraded to Retrospect 9 Multi Server, and it's installed my PC running Windows Server 2012 R2.  My clients are backing up nicely.


What's the best way to preform a backup of this server itself?  I've selected the C: drive and backed that up.  Is that all I need to do?  Or am I better off installing the Retrospect client on the server, and backing it up that way?  Or is the client unnecessary for this use?


My goal is in the event of a system hard drive failure, to get up and running again fairly quickly by restoring the server backup to a fresh hard drive.


Thanks for your time.

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Make sure to check the System State backup in the Script Options.

Consider setting up the Bare Metal Disaster Recovery Facilities and test them

Consider creating separate duplication jobs for your config file and catalogs, so they are available as normal files (not a backup set) in the event of a Disaster.

See the User Guide > CH10 Management > Catalog & Config backups

and User Guide > CH10 Management > Moving Retrospect. The same technique applies to a bare metal recovery of the Retro Server

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