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Performance implications of Block Level Incremental Backup

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I haven't upgraded to Retrospect 9 yet but was wondering about the performance implications of enabling Block Level Incremental Backup.  I realize that using it could potentially reduce the amount of data to be backed up (which could speed things up).  However, does enabling this feature require extra processing power / time (either on the server or client) to do all the comparisons?


BTW, does anyone know what kind of checksum is being used for the block comparisons?

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I have not noticed any additional processing requirement on either server or clients from having enabled Block Level backups. Because I have very few files on my clients that are suitable for Block Level backup I can not say if there is any significant reduction in backup time. The advantage I have noticed, because the few eligible files I do have are multi-gigabyte files, is the reduction in storage space required by the backup set.

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