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v11 for Mac: after upgrade engine starts/stops every 5 seconds


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After upgrading from 8.2 to 11.0.0 (194), I was prompted to upgrade to 11.0.1, which I did. Retrospect was still open; download progressing when Retrospect "quit unexpected"; download completed and I selected Install; v11.0.1 launched but could not connect to server ( Checked system preferences and retrospect engine is showing stopping/starting every 5 seconds. Uninstalled; restarted computer; zapped pram; reinstalled v11.0.1; same problem. Repaired disk permissions. No change.


MacPro1,1 (First model released: 2-Dual-Core Xeon 2.66 GHz, 12 GB ram); OSX 10.6.8

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It sounds like the Retrospect configuration file may have become corrupted. With the Retrospect console and engine not running, drag the files Config80.dat and Config80.bak out of /Library/Application Support/Retrospect. Restart the engine and launch the console app (you will need to re-enter your license code). If things are now stable, that was your problem. Assuming you've been backing up Config80.dat, you should then be able to restore a good copy to replace the new, empty configuration file.


(If you haven't been backing this file up, or if the file has been corrupt for awhile such that you can't recover a good version, you will need to recreate all your scripts, lists, and rules from scratch.)

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Many thanks, twickland! I have had a conversation with support now after they also recommended the same remedy - all to no avail. They now have log files for their engineers to comb through to try and solve. I long for the early days (OS 6 to 9) when Retrospect mostly just worked. The world seemed a simpler place! I must be getting old...

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Jeff called and recommended:


Run uninstall

Rename Application Support/Retrospect folder



The application installed accepted my license key and is up and running.

Just spoke with Scott and it doesn't look like it will be possible to migrate my version 8.2 Config80.dat file to version 11.


MY QUESTION: Would that Config80.dat file remain intact if I was to step it through version updates (8.2 to 9 to 10 and then to 11)?


The other option is to reinstall 8.2, retrieve last used Config80.dat file from Time Machine, make manual notes on the scripts and rules, then rebuild in version 11. Not sure which option will take longer…


That Config80.dat file seems to cause a lot of grief. Wouldn't a .dat restore/upgrade utility be a wonderful piece of software?


Thanks for the very good efforts to help me out. Anxious to get this software working for me again.

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My understanding has always been that the Config80.dat file is compatible for any version of Retrospect from v8 on. I'm still using a config file originally created in 8.2, though I've had to replace it with a backup copy a couple of times due to corruption, and I have stepped through intermediate versions of Retrospect. I'm sure lots of users have skipped versions while successfully maintaining their Config80 files.


In my opinion, Retrospect's config file has always been loaded with too much stuff from the very beginning (OK, at least from Retro 1.3, which is where I started), which makes it both rather fragile and a big problem when (not if) it becomes corrupted. The current file version also contains all the recent backup info in addition to rules, scripts, source lists, etc.; and—what's especially annoying—there is no way to export or even print the various parameters within Retrospect to make it easier to reconstruct things..


I would try restoring a recent copy of your original Config 80.dat and swapping it for the current Config80.dat, per the procedure I outline above. If your problem recurs, that might indicate an issue due to skipping versions, but it may also be that the file is corrupt in a way that wasn't evident in your previous use.

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