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Missing data files on recatalog after consolidation


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I'm moving my backup files from separate hard drives to a NAS server.  In order to recatalog successfully it seems I have to consolidate all the .rdb files into the first directory, eg  name/1-name otherwise it files to find the files in 2-name, etc.


This has worked fine up to now, apart from one backup where recataloging fails to recognise the files from 2-name and 3-name now in 1-name. reporting a list a missing data files for the Backup set:




How do I fix this problem please?



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Which. Version of Retrospect are you using?


It is possible to add additional members to the backup set on the Members tab of the backup set's Properties dialog. Add the number of members that corresponds to the number of disks then copy the files on the disk to the appropriate folder.


If you manually create the folder structure on the NAS (using Retrospect's naming conventions) and copy the files from the individual disks to the appropriate folders the original catalog file should still be usable by updating the locations of the members to be the NAS instead of the individual disks.

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