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Need method for deleting all backups of a client

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One thing that seems to be missing is a method for removing and deleting the backups of client/s. If we want to stop backing up a client for some reason and no longer need to retain the data, a bunch of data shuffling using Transfer doesn't make sense. There should be a way to select a backed up client and with one click, remove any script elements that reference it, remove it from the catalog file and delete all the backups to free up the space. Seems like a no brainer to me.



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This would be incredibly helpful to have.  As of right now, I created a separate clients group that is not a part of the proactive backup, called "_Terminated" and I move employees' clients into that group when they leave the company or we no longer need to backup the client pc.  Problem is, even though I'm not creating new backup data, I cant easily get rid of the old data either. 


And Lennert, you are absolutely correct about "not responding" for a looooong time.. Retrospect seems to do that for nearly every action requested of it. 

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