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Emergancy: Cannot Restore Backups SOMEBODY please help?

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(This is retrospect 8 on Mac.)


Ok, this is scary. We rely on these backups in case of catastrophy and nothing is restoring from them.


The media sets say the files are there.  All looks fine, no errors generated. But upon restore, it restores 0 bytes!


No errors generated but obviously not working. Hopefully we don't have a problem before this is resolved. We could lose our entire business.


When I try to do the restore, the small icon "bounces" down near the Activities icon then nothing happens.


I'm in something of a panic.  PLEASE can SOMEBODY respond who understands how this program thinks?










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Think I found the problem!  It apparently wants to use a rule called “All Files.”  The software does not indicate there is anything special about this rule, it’s listed along with all the other ones created in-house.  I had deleted it a few weeks ago, thinking it was superfluous because another rule, called “everything” (which I assume my predecessor made), was there.

When I recreated the All Files rule, which I left blank (nothing in the include or exclude sections) the Restore Assistant seemed to work.

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