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RS Grooming policy

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The manual states that the RS grooming policy keeps

"a backup of each source for every day in the last week, a backup for each week in the last month, and a backup for each previous month."


Does anyone have any idea how many months back this will go? I'm hoping basically forever, until out of disk space.


I am in academia and we have classes that are taught every other year and I want to insure that if a prof does something wrong, that I can go back 2+ years to restore stuff if needed. I am using multiple disk backups and have enough space to accommodate this. I typically groom sets once a quarter, and alternate between two sets, one of which is then kept off-site. I have never needed to recycle a backup-I know that would toast everything.



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I asked this once and I believe the answer is that it will keep the "month" backup forever as long as you have the disk space for it (or your media set doesn't run out of it's defined space).  If the automatic grooming has to run because of running out of space, then the oldest month is groomed out, etc...

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