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Initiating Restore causes unexpected problems with running backup.

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Running Retrospect 11.0.1 (110) on a MacPro Quad Core Xeon under OS 10.6.8.


Our hardware setup contains one standalone LTO-5 tape drive, an HP StorageWorks Ultrium 3000. Proactive backups are enabled during the time window between noon and 6:00 PM. Yesterday afternoon, a proactive backup of a client was running to Media Set A; tape member 6-Media Set A was in the drive.


I needed to perform a restore from tape Media Set B. To save some time, I initiated the restore while the proactive backup was running. As I expected, the pending restore activity appeared in the Activities > Waiting window, with the status showing that the activity was waiting for the tape drive.


What happened next was unexpected. The backup phase of the running backup completed and the comparison phase was about to begin, when a Needs Media alert appeared. The backup activity was requesting 6-Media Set A which, of course, was still in the drive. (The pending restore activity was still in Activities > Waiting.) Clicking on the tape member generated the dreaded error message that the tape was already a member of a media set. My only recourse was to stop the backup without performing the compare phase. After the backup stopped, the restore operation began running.

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