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Upgrading Tape Library from LTO4 to LTO5 - Retrospect v10.5

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So we've sourced and installed our new LTO5 tape drives, which are working fine with the existing LTO4 tape media in our 80-slot tape library. I've now sourced sufficient LTO5 media to replace the existing LTO4 tapes in one of two backup sets in this library. My questions are:


- Is it best to re-use the existing barcode labels on the LTO5 tapes?

- Is it best to use new, un-used/referenced barcode labels on the LTO5 tapes?




- Pull all of the LTO4 tapes from the backup set being upgraded to LTO5 and keep offsite as an archive

- Create a new tape Media Set and Script, replace all of the LTO4 tapes with LTO5 and with new barcode labels


I'm just trying to avoid freaking-out Retrospect's existing config and consume the least amount of time getting the new LTO5 tapes in place.


Thanks for any suggestions.



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Your first question is easiest: Since the barcode tells you what kind of tape it is, you should use new LTO-5 bar codes.


Your second question is harder. Do you have any kind of archive at the moment? If "No" I would set aside a set of LTO 4 tapes as an archive.


We are in the process of moving from LTO 3 to LTO 4. We have quite a few tape sets. When we reuse an LTO 3 tape set, we add one new LTO 4 tape. Wholesale replacing all tapes is not financially justifiable, so we add one tape at a time.

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Thanks for that, Lennart. I'd forgotten about the new LTO5 barcode labels. I'll order them today. We archive periodically to external hard drives and keep them offsite. Agreed on the cost of media. We've been buying LTO 5 tapes a few at a time until we had enough to completely replace one backup set + a few spares. Have you checked out LTO 6 tape prices yet?…currently about $70.00USD per tape. I expect this will come down as adoption increases but YIKES that's expensive.

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