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Adding New Members to Disk Media Sets

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I have a few disk media sets set up and so far running fine.  When the drive fills, according to the documentation, "

Retrospect asks for a new member, adds it to the Media Set and continues appending data. It automatically uses any available new or erased media. If the media has the name Retrospect is looking for, Retrospect will erase and reuse it. However, Retrospect will never automatically use a medium with the wrong name if it has data on it."


What specific name will it look for? I want to be sure it does not decide to erase a drive with live data on it!  Will it be the name of the original disk with a "-2" appended to it or something?


If I want an additional disk to be "ready to go" in case the first disk fills up, what should I name it? Do I need to explicitely tell it for every media set I created, the second disk's name?


I'm running Retrospect 8 on a Mac, backing up weekly to alternating 4TB drives, which will likely fill up in the coming month.






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Retrospect takes extreme caution not to erase drives with data on it.


You don't have to name the disk anything special. You just tell Retrospect where to store member 2 of the Media Set. You do that in the Media Set setup.

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