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Some help needed: Error -505

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Hello all,


I would be thankful if you could help with my following problem:


I am using Retrospect 10 for about 7 months to backup 8 Mac (OSX 10.8-10.9) clients. No problems. Two months ago we upgraded Retrospect to 10.5 and everything worked fine.


Lat week we added two new Macs. I installed the 10.5 clients but Retrospect could not add them as Sources, giving a -505 (reserved) error in the log. The rest of the clients worked fine.


I re-installed the clients in the new Macs (even removing the retrospect.state file) but no luck.


I removed all Sources (clients) from Retrospect in case there was some conflict with an existing client, but now Retrospect can not add ANY of my clients back. I always get a -505 error in the log.


I even tried adding them directly with manual IP.


Any ideas?


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It usually helps just to restart the client computer. If that doesn't help, restarting the Retrospect server computer helps.


Tried both without success. The solution was to uninstall ALL clients (from old and new machines), remove the retroclient.state file from each computer (again) and just to be sure i changed their static IPs to a different range (although that one was not necessary).


Then i added each client again and they worked.

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