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Verify problem: "Bad Media Set header found"

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I am backing up to a file-type media set that resides on an encrypted sparse disk image. The disk image is stored on an external FireWire drive. When I do a Verify operation on the media set, I keep getting the error, "!Bad Media Set header found."


I have another encrypted sparse disk image on an internal hard drive, with another file media set. The verify operation succeeds on that media set, suggesting it's not a problem caused by the fact that these media sets reside on encrypted disk images.


I tried connecting the FireWire drive directly to the iMac without any other FireWire devices connect, but the Verify still fails. Disk Utility reports no errors with either the FireWire drive or the disk image.


I look forward to your assistance and thanks for your help.


Here is the log entry:


+ Executing Verify at 6/11/14

To Backup Set Private Practice Bkup FW BD 20...

!Bad Media Set header found (0xx at 64685654)

6/11/14 1:27:01 PM: 1 execution errors

Completed: 38492 files, 5.2 GB

Performance: 1,076.7 MB/minute

Duration: 00:04:57

6/11/14 1:27:01 PM: Script "Verify" completed with 1 errors

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Lennart, thanks for the reply. Good point about migrating to the "Disk" type of media set. I can't think of a good reason that I'm still using File type. I use the Disk type for all of my other backups. Maybe I thought it would be easier to archive a file type backup to optical media later on. Way back in the day of Retrospect 6 I think File type was the only option, and I just kept doing that for this specific application.


Anyway, I believe I tried rebuilding but got the same error. Contacted Retrospect support and the rep wrote:


"If every verify attempt against this media set reports the error at the same file position number 0xx at 64685654 each time, it is an indication of a corrupt file within the media set or a bad part of the media set.


"It is not unusual to see 1 or 2 of these types of errors. You can consider running a Copy Media Set script and that would allow you to copy the source media set into a new destination media set. You could then delete the old media set. This would probably remove the bad data from the media set during the copy."


So I tried copying the media set to a new media set, and that seemed to work. Verifying the new media set succeeds so whatever the "bad data" was is gone.

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