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Hello, we are currently running Retrospect 7.6 multi server (Windows).


We have three off site Windows clients that we want to add to our backup schedule. Or rather, add them to a ProActive script.

Do they have to connect via VPN to our office network in order to get backed up? Or is there another way?


We are thinking of upgrading to Retrospect 9 (Windows). Is there some new functionality added since version 7.6 which will help in this situation?



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Hi Lennart.

The clients have to be "Seen" by the Server when the ProActive backup does it's polling cycles, so that would require some sort of connectivity, VPN, SSLVPN etc.


Depending on your VPN implementation you could perhaps arrange that the clients connect on a schedule of some sort to ensure they are available, or users would manually connect when convenient.


I do know that if a laptop is configured for Proactive backup at the office, and it happens to be connected via VPN during the ProActive window then it will backup, I have had this happen by accident with one of my customers.


A third possibility could be to use the User initiated manual backup, which requires setting up a backupset for the purpose. If combined with a "VPN on Demand" setting that would fire up the vpn when the users tries to connect, that could be another approach.


Of course if they are in a ProActive Script, then any time they happen to be IN the office they would be backed up as well.


Some VPN implementations allow rules to be setup to "Trigger" the VPN connection, eg when a certain IP Address is targeted, perhaps something like this could be incorporated.

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Hi Lennart

Of course there are backup and file synch products specifically designed to handle roaming laptops small remote sites etc. Druva is very impressive, and any number of Cloud Solutions, CrashPlan is impressive there combining the best of Cloud, Server, and Local


Another approach might be to use WebDav with a NAS box, if you happen to have one. Most of the modern ones include some kind of backup/synch client, and they can connect on demand across the internet via Webdav. You could then backup the WebDav folder off the NAS to your Retrospect.


Good Luck

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