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Proactive backup scripts do not run on Retro 10.5 for Mac server

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I have Retrospect 10.5 running on Mac OS 10.9.3, backing up 52 mostly Mac clients with 10.x.y agents on a standard 100Mbs Ethernet HP procurve network.  Firewall is off.  Sources have been added by direct IP address.
There are 9 proactive scripts designed to  run all the time.  But they do not run at all and no activity shows. Source statuses all says 'to be determined'.  I have tried changing source, script and media set settings but the sources are polled and the status of each says 'not yet determined'  I can easily make a normal backup script run and it will find and backup clients, but proactive remains static. 













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It looks like your last proactive backups ran on May 30. Did anything unusual happen over the weekend?


You might try stopping and then restarting the Retrospect engine process. This sometimes gets things unstuck for me when there is no other obvious reason for a hangup.

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I also see this periodically. It seems to be accompanied by the engine being stuck burning up a CPU at 105%. Backup scripts still run, but proactive scripts no longer initiate.


I have a couple of sample sets (from activity monitor) if engineering wants a peek at what Retro thinks it's doing.... attached.


It seems some script gets "stuck" at the end of execution, and hangs forever, never managing to quit. While stuck, all pro-active activity is suspended.

Sample of RetroEngine.txt


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