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Client mounted external Firewire HDD not visible in Retrospect?

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One of the macs i back up has several external devices connected. One of these is a firewire Raid hard drive, that i need to backup, yet in Retrospect i cannot find a way to have this drive show up.


All the internal drives on that source computer are visible in Retrospect and can be selected for specific scripts, yet i cannot see (or select) the Firewire drive.


Any suggestions?





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no - it simply is connected and it works!  I have had the drive for several years, and used it on several computers. It has always worked flawlessly and never needed drivers.


The only thing that has not seen the drive is Retrospect !


It is not connected via third party hardware...uses direct firewire connection to mac pro.

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Have you tried refreshing the client on the server because if the drive was mounted after the client was added to the server it may not be detected until you refresh the client?  Your other option is to remove the client from the server and re-add it to the server and then see if the drive is detected.  I have experienced issues where a drive will not appear if it was not mounted when the client was added to the server until I did either of the above options.

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