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Retrospect 8.5 crashed hard, and corrupted the configXX.dat file over the weekend. I tried restoring this, but was unsuccesful. I had to obtain the product license keys and basically start over with everything.


There are only 2 backup sets (servers, and servers2)

backup set "servers" was recycled before the crash, and only backed up for about 2 hours (meaning it only has 2 hours worth of backup data altogether)

backup set "servers2" seems to still be intact and as it was (meaning all of the .rdb files are still in their original location)


I succesfully recataloged "servers" with no issues. However when I perform the same steps on "servers2" I get the error message: "The Backup Set data file name is invalid, cannot recatalog the set using these files"


Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Did Retrospect say that the catalog file for 'servers2' needed rebuilding? Unless the catalog file was in use at the time of the crash it should have survived intact.

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