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How to find out what is taking up space in backups?

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I'd like to figure out which of my backup clients are using the most space, how much exactly, and what files those are.



I can look at the list of Past Backups, but my understanding is that "Bytes Copied" only refers to the size of the latest incremental backup; not the size of the complete backup for that Source.



Each Source consists of a computer with the user's home folder set as a Favorite; only that folder and its contents are backed up. So the list of sources doesn't display anything useful, beyond the disk capacity and usage of the entire computer (not just the user folder/Favorite)



How can I get a detailed overview of what's taking up space in a Media Set?

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You can't really do that due to file de-duplication.


Say user A has 100 GB of files that user B also has. Retrospect backs up only one set of these files, but notes (in the snapshot) that both users have them. Should the 100 GB be attributed to user A or user B? Or 50 GB each?

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The only way I've figured out how to do this is to make a new, empty media set and do a backup to that.   That'll tell you how much would be backed up with a "clean" backup, but there's no really easy way -- short of running a "copy" backup script -- to tell how much *total* data has been backed up by any one client that I've been able to find out.

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It sounds like you're trying to determine the total amount that was backed up from each source to a given media set. (As Lennart notes, if there were identical files on any of the other sources, this figure will be less than the amount that would have been backed up had there been no such identical files.)


What I do for this is to initiate a restore, using a search for all files (just leave the search box blank). Click on Preview and you'll be able to view the total amount backed up from each source.


Retrospect 6 used to provide an option to then sort the backed-up files by size, which was very handy. Unfortunately, Retro 8 and later do not offer this feature: you can only browse by directory path, which is a pain. 

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