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Retrospect 10.5 & FileMaker 13

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Trying to use Retrospect 10.5 to backup FileMaker Pro 13 databases.  Whenever the backup script runs (backing up the database folder from the FMP server) it shows 3 execution errors, with the same three databases reported as "appearing incomplete."


Yet when I then run an immediate backup using the same script, the execution completes successfully.


Any ideas why?  Is this an issue I need to be concerned about?


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When you back up any kind of database files, you need to be sure that the files are closed at the time of backup and that no user (or the application itself) is able to modify any record. It sounds like something may be changing the database files during your scheduled backups.


If you can't lock out the database files during the backup window, you will need to generate a copy of each database and back up the copy.

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Dantz/EMC/Roxio/Retrospect/whatevertheyarecalledtoday produce various addins for Retrospect to backup other makes of database. Considering their loooooooooong Mac history it is amazing and very disappointing they they do not write an equivalent addin to automate backing up FileMaker Server databases.


Other than the script approach suggested by Pete another approach is to use the standard ability in FileMaker Server to do scheduled backups to another folder, and then tell Retrospect to only backup that folder and not the 'live' databases.


On a related topic, the same issue will apply these days to PostgresSQL databases as used by Apple's Wiki and Profile Manager software, and - if you use it MySQL databases. Again these are extremely common types of database even in the Mac world let alone Linux world and it is again a major failing and oversight for Retrospect not to provide their own solutions for backing up such databases.


Just noticed, while it might be a less common scenario, even those addins for backing up databases that Retrospect do have are kept only for the Windows version making the Mac version a second class product. This is inexcusable, if they designed it properly addins should be platform agnostic.

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