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Would a New Version of Retrospect Help With Recovery?

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Had a catastrophic failure yesterday which was my fault (still kicking myself)... To make a long story short, I installed OS 10.7 (Lion) on my Intel iMac 6,1 in an attempt to modernize the computer -- at least keep it semi-up-to-date, as it won't work with anything above 10.7. Lots of hardware, including Retrospect, then wouldn't run.


Yes, I should have checked this.


The genius bar at the Apple Store told me the only solution, besides spending huge bucks to upgrade lots of software, was to wipe the computer clean and start fresh.


So here I am with a Retrospect Backup on DVD-RW trying to rebuild my catalog file, which I understand is the first step in recovering my data.


Since I have an Intel-based iMac, I've been using Retrospect 6.1 (6.1.230). The second DVD has been going all night and I'm starting to dispair that this process will take DAYS.


Would purchasing a new version of Retrospect speed this up? Would that new version of Retrospect be compatible with both the old 6.1.230 DVDs and also with OS 10.6.8? HELP!

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Not all DVD-drives likes all types of DVD media. It seems (from the time it takes) that the DVD-drive have problems reading.


Try a cleaning disc or another DVD-drive.


Retrospect 6.x is not supported on Mac OS X 10.6 or later. So I would keep the old Mac for restores.

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I've cleaned the discs many, many times. I'm in serious trouble, here. I've now figured out that 2-Backup Set A has bad sectors... so I gave up on it and tried to skip it. Then I inserted 3-Backup Set A. That wasn't even recognized by my drive. Neither was 4-Backup Set A, or 5-Backup Set A.


What is going on?


Was one of the driver updates something I wasn't supposed to install for my optical drive?


These backup discs were working LAST WEEK!!! They're just failing now that I need to rebuild ALL my data.

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Spent lots of time with Retrospect's senior tech advisors today... I'm now in a true Murphy's law situation: Their theory is that the 2nd disc, which was attempting to be read for 10 hours, has broken my optical drive. The drive does not mount volumes on the desktop and Retrospect does not recognize 3-Backup Set A, 4-Backup Set A, or 5-Backup Set A. We tried with Retrospect 11, altering a file or two so that it could use the disc drive... but still, only the first and second discs were recognized.


I'm beside myself... but I think my only recourse is sending the hard drive to DriveSavers and seeing if they can just get as much of my old data back as possible, working outside of Retrospect but sector by sector on the (reformatted) hard drive. We'll see what they can do.


I may try Retrospect on my mom's newer iMac tonight (2011), but the chances of her drive being compatible as a backup environment for Retrospect is between slim and none. I understand now that THIS IS WHY PEOPLE NO LONGER BACK UP TO DISCS! But, seriously, did this all have to go bad at the same time, and just when I need it? I've restored from this disc set within the last month... I backed up to Disc 5 just Saturday morning... WHY MUST THIS ALL #(*$ UP AT THE SAME TIME?!?

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Yeah... I suppose I could do this, but this could easily be a rabbit hole, as the number of Retrospect-compatible DVD drives is limited (at least, according to the tech support I spoke to today), only really available via eBay, will take a week to arrive, will cost somewhere between $50-$150...


Just sent the hard drive to DriveSavers via FedEx. All I can do on that is cross fingers and hope.


Any way these discs might be read by an optical drive I have access to... say, my Mom's? She's got a HL-DT-ST DVDRW GA32N drive attached to her iMac (Intel core i3, mid-2010) running OS X 10.9.2? Yeah, I didn't think so, but I'm taking a leap, here, just to see.


On her machine, I've tried running my licensed trial of Retrospect 11 and enabling the optical support as directed... the drive is certainly recognized but it doesn't read the discs as Retrospect discs (rather, wants to reformat them). I assume that her optical drive isn't compatible with Retrospect as a proper backup device, but let me know if there's any hope, here.


If not, I'll wait to see what DriveSavers has to say.

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Good luck with this. :)


It's precisely this kind of disaster that reminds me why I use Retrospect to backup my boot drive to 2 different external hard drives (2 backups), AND clone to another drive using SuperDuper, AND backup automatically using TimeMachine. Redundancy redundancy may be too cautious but it's come in handy more than once.


A few weeks ago, my iMac wouldn't start up properly and I tried restoring from TimeMachine but that didn't work for some reason. (Eventually I reinstalled Mavericks over the existing installation, which fixed the problem and all my files were still there.) I was prepared to restore from Retrospect or to restore my clone, but I was about to backup a week's worth of work when the problem occurred, so I wanted to try an option that wouldn't lose a week first.


Let us know how it turns out.

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