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Interrupts in LAN Transmission

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Hi Community,


we are investigating a LAN performance problem with Retrospect Version 8.5.0 (Build 136). Here it seems that something interrupts the LAN transmission periodically (See picture below).




We tested the involved hardware and we were able to send data with almost Gigabit performance (~120 MB/s) by using a SMB connection. The screenshot above shows that the protocol used by Retrospect isn't able to send data with more than 25% of Gigabit speed but this would be enough for a while when we can eliminate these weird interruptions.  It seems that these interruptions decreases the total backub performance about 50 %. We have to find the reason, is there anyone who have a clue waths going on?


Thx & Bye Tom

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Hi Lennart,


What type of destination is it?


We had similar problems with a RAID-5 destination and it turned out the write cache had been disabled.


it's an external 12 x SATA HDD RAID 6 subsystem connected via SAS to the host system. The (write back) cache settings on the RAID-subsystem are enabled. The settings on the HBA are currently unknown because thereto we have to reboot the machine but we think the settings on the HBA doesn't have an influence on the way how the RAID subsystem stores it's data.


Thanks for your attention & Bye Tom

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