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Ubuntu LTS 14.04 64-bit Install

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I'm playing around with getting the proper 32-bit libs for Ubuntu setup in the latest LTS. The old trick of just install ia32-libs doesn't work because that package doesn't exist. It looks like running 'sudo apt-get install libstdc++6:i386' will bring the 32-bit c++ libraries needed. Has anyone else played around with this and have more information on the process of installing this? 

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To create the package follow the steps below.  This is basically what is posted elsewhere, but I'm adding the dependency to the deb because I'm forgetful and expect computers to fill in that gap.

sudo apt-get install alien
sudo alien -g --scripts linux_client-7_7_100.rpm
cd retroclient-7.7.100
sudo vim debian/control
# change the Architecture from i386 to amd64 on line 7
# add libstdc++6:i386 to the Depends line separated by a comma on line 8
# see below if this is confusing
sudo debian/rules binary

That drops retroclient_7.7.100-2_amd64.deb in the same directory as you originally ran alien from. If I were you I'd rename that retroclient_Ubuntu144.deb since it is Ubuntu 14.04+ specific. It might work on 13.10. I forget when they changed the 32-bit stuff.


To install from your newly created .deb package run this procedure. It is different procedure from elsewhere because of the dependency you built in above. If you can remember the package name exactly and remember to install libstc++:i386 ahead of time, you can skip the second step and do the more traditional steps. I'm sure I usually won't so this expects my failure and smooths over my failures. 

#This will fail with the dependency issues if you haven't resolved them yet.
sudo dpkg -i retroclient_7.7.100-2_amd64.deb

#This will install the dependencies and automatically take you back to configuring RetroClient.
sudo apt-get -f install

#This will check the status to confirm it setup the startup scripts and started rcl.
sudo service rcl status 

Look at you, you beautiful, smart person you. You defeated the system and installed the retrospect client on a system that the vendor doesn't support. 




Here is the content of my debian/control file exactly in case the instructions above were unclear.

Source: retroclient
Section: alien
Priority: extra
Maintainer: me <me@ubuntu>

Package: retroclient
Architecture: amd64
Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}, libstdc++6:i386
Description: A Retrospect client application
 This is the client application to be used in
 conjuction with the Retrospect application for Windows.
 This application will enable backing up, restoring,
 duplicating, and scanning files or entire volumes.
 (Converted from a rpm package by alien version 8.90.)
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A bit easier way is to download the .tar and install the i386 libs.


  • sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
  • sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 libncurses5:i386 libstdc++6:i386
Then run the Retrospect's Install.sh.   
The fact that the linux client hasn't been updated in almost four years doesn't really inspire great confidence in retrospect as an up to date enterprise backup solution, though. 
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Yeah, that's easier if you're just doing it once. I don't think you need the 386 versions of libc6 and libncurses even. I bring up new machines often enough that I like having a package to drop in that is consistent with my expectations of all packages.


I entirely agree that Retrospect's poor support for Linux is less than inspiring. Unfortunately, I'm in an environment where lack of linux support seems to reflect poorly on linux instead of Retrospect. Either way, my job is to make it work first and encourage improvements second. We're moving towards backup systems that simply do whole VMs without care of the underlying OS. I understand Retrospect is doing some of that in the latest versions, but our experience with it thus far has been poor. In other words, it isn't looking good for Retrospect, except price.

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Retroclient on Debian

The departement has a backup solution based on Retrospect. There are clients available for Windows, Mac and Linux, however the Linux one is only for Red hat based distributions (RHEL, Scientific Linux, Fedora, etc). To be able to use it under Debian based distributions, e.g. Debian, Ubuntu or Linux Mint, I've created this how to.

If you have a 64-bit system like me, the easiest way is to simply download the precompiled deb package, and then follow the instructions below under 2 Installing the package. If you have a 32-bit distribution or still want to generate the package yourself, start off at 1 Generating a package.

In case you find any errors, if something is unclear, or if you have any general feedback, please contact me so I can update this description.

1 Generating a package

0. Install the prerequisite packages:

$ sudo apt-get install alien

1. Fetch the RPM package linux_client-7_7_100.rpm from http://www.retrospect.com/support/downloads

2. Unpack it and prepare for .deb package generation:

$ sudo alien --scripts --generate linux_client-7_7_100.rpmalien must be run as root, so sudo is necessary.

3a. Fix run leves to be debian compatible: Edit the file retroclient-7.7.100/usr/local/dantz/client/rcl and change the Default-Start and Default-Stop lines to

# Default-Start: 2 3 4 5

# Default-Stop: 0 1 6

3b. If using 64-bit architecture, edit retroclient-7.7.100/debian/control as root, change the Architecture line into:

Architecture: i386 amd64

4. Generate package by doing

$ cd retroclient-7.7.100

$ sudo debian/rules binary

2 Installing the package:

0. Install the prerequisite packages:

$ sudo apt-get install ia32-libs (This installs quite a lot of packages. Probably, not all of these are needed, but only something like lib32stdc++6, libstdc++6 and libc6-i386.)

1. Install the package. For me the package was called retroclient_7.7.100-2_amd64.deb, but you might get a different name.

$ sudo dpkg -i retroclient_7.7.100-2_amd64.deb

2. Make retroclient run at startup: Configure system V upstart script by running

$ sudo update-rc.d rcl defaults

Source: http://www.it.uu.se/datordrift/backup/retroclient.html Karl Ljungkvist, 04 Oct 2013


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Nice to see Ubuntu 14.04 now supported officially. It looks like I can at least get the 9.5 client installed on 64-bit 12.04 also with just some small changes to the install script (see my other post). I don't have a 9.5 server setup yet to confirm it plays well, but it does install okay.

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