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Retrospect 11 keeps forgetting keypair


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After upgrading to Retro 11, our clients that were logged in via a public/private keypair were no longer accessible. In checking the Clients tab in Retrospect Preferences, it no longer stated that a keypair was loaded. Unfortunately, we had an incorrect record of the private key password, so I needed to delete the old keypair, create a new keypair, and uninstall and reinstall the client software using the new public key.


Since that time, we have been unable to use keypairs for any logins, and have needed to revert back to using passwords for all our clients. Even with a fresh client installation, Retrospect displays an invalid public/private keypair error when we attempt to access the client. I suspect this is related to the fact that often when I check the Clients tab in Preferences, Retrospect has apparently forgotten that a keypair was loaded. Sometimes when I attempt to browse to the keypair, the browser window has no information. When local volumes are visible, I am able to navigate to the Retrospect folder in Application Support and load the keypair, but it will not stay loaded for long.

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