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v11 Client install FAILURE

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I had been running earlier versions for many years and just upgraded to 10.5 in January.  Past client installs on my iMac go without a hitch, but the problem I'm having now is installing v11 client.  I can do it on my MacBook Pro but the iMac fails.  In fact, running the un-install DOES NOT un-install the system pref app.


I've read all of the support docs about this issue and have followed everything without any success.  Anyone else having issues?


OS 10.9.2

3.4GHz Intel i7


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Solved it, though I don't understand why.  I did a restore of OS 10.9 which, pretty much, put everything back together just as it was... and now the installer works.  I am baffled!!  If I can figure out what changed I'll post it here in case someone else has the same issues.


Thanks for reading... those that did.

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