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Stopping a backup before completed...?

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I have a large backup that I need to run, writing to multiple LTO-4 tapes. It's going to take about two days to complete. During this time, I also need my regular nightly backups to continue. While I have multiple LTO-4 drives (one is a backup, incase the primary fails), I don't have the Advanced Tape Support add-on, so I'm limited to a single drive.


So—if I have the large backup running during the day, then I stop it before I go home that evening (so the nightly backup can run), if I start the large backup again the next morning, will it pick up where it left off, or will this screw things up?


FYI—this would be done using Retrospect 9 (unlimited/multi-server).




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It will (more or less) pick up where it left off.


It will start with a new scan and new matching, which may take some time if you have many files (as opposed to few large files).

It will exclude the already backed up files (unless they have changed) and then start copying files.

If you interrupted in the middle of an extremely large file, it will copy the whole file next time. So take a bit of care when you stop the backup.


So, no, it will not screw things up. It is designed with this type of situation in mind. :)

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