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Run two scripts, each to separate LTO-4 drives, at the same time?

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Can Retrospect 9 run two scripts at the same time, with each script writing to its own LTO-4 tape drive?


I have two separate LTO-4 drives attached to my Retrospect 9 Server (12 GB RAM, dedicated to running Retrospect) and I have two separate scripts I need to run (as one manual backup is going to take multiple days to run, and I still want my regular nightly backups to run at the same time), with each of those scripts writing to separate Media Sets/LTO-4 tapes.


Retrospect 9 Server is licensed for unlimited server use, so it should support multiple threads. Preferences are set to allow 16 activity threads. Each script is specified a specific thread.


When script #1 starts up as normal, writing to LTO-4 drive #1. But, when script #2 starts (which should be writing to LTO-4 drive #2), I get a yellow "caution" icon with the status "Waiting for LTO-4 drive".


Is what I'm trying to do not possible?




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