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when trying to backup a hard-drive to tape, only the folders are backed up

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To that one superhero out there that knows Retrospect inside and out, here's the issue I'm dealing with...


I try to backup files from hard-drive to Tape, and for whatever reason the only thing saved being saved right now are the folders themselves -- without the content in the folders.


Anyone out there know why this is happening?

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No superheroes here, but I can suggest that you provide more information about what you are doing. Is this a backup script? What is the selection of files? (all files? filtered?) Is the source a subvolume? What version retrospect? Is the source of the backup a network disk, or local disk?


More info can yield more useful answers.

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I'm trying to backup folders from an external hard-drive onto tape. When I click through the entire backup process, right about when it should spool up to backup information - I'm prompted with an error message that reads "Need media set." I've previously established a Media Set with a Tape in there; however, when I try to select the Tape, Retrospect says that the Tape I'm trying to use is already busy.

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