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Compression Confusion

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i think i'm finally starting to get a handle on how Retrospect does its thing, but there is one thing i have noticed that has me baffled.


When i set up  my scripts, i decided to switch off compression as its going to slow things down, and backing up over 12TB a week is not quick! Once i get some extra hardware for speeding up the connections maybe i'll swicth it on...


anyway, I have 5 separate scripts running each week, and then a second set of 5 running the next week. This lets me have a weekly rotation of LTO5 tapes that i can keep off site.


For reasons i dont understand, In the Activities Window one of the scripts (and it just happens to be for the largest data set) is showing compression is ON. Yet if i check the script itself, its supposed to be OFF.


All the scripts were written at the same time, and i checked that they all had compression off, so why is this one script behaving incorrectly?

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There are two types of compression.


1) Compression in software. Valid only for disk media sets.


2) Compression in hardware. Valid only for tape media sets.


I don't think you can turn off hardware compression. It takes place in the tap drive itself. It doesn't "tax" the CPU of the retrospect server at all.


So take a look again at your settings and post back if what you see makes sense now.

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