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One Tape from a Media Set

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Hello all,


I'm restoring big data from a 4 TAPES LTO media set with about 1 year old, and on 2nd attempt from restoring all data the restore process doesn't go further on 3rd TAPE. It keeps saying reading and I waited about 1 day long. 


I also tried to rebuild catalog from the media set, but I get an error when I have to select folder of catalog destination.


Any clues?

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Update. I successfully started the Rebuild catalog process (moving the desired 3rd tape to drive) and is about 4GB and still doing (since 10PM last night). The weird stuff is the drive shows as idle (on monitor from the tape drive) and retrospect is like hanged. I still left it running because i see the retro engine process running and the new catalog file is still increasing

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