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Puzzled Newbie! - Backups appear to be using wrong media sets?

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I have just installed Retrospect and set up my first Backups, after having used Netvault for many years.


I thought things were working fine, but i have spotted a weird occurrence happening...which i think might be down to me misunderstanding how to set up Backups in Retrospect!


A little background...i have several raids connected to different macs, being backed up on an LTO5 Tape Library (Quantum Scalar i40 with 2 tape drives).

I have created scripts for each different raid and various workstations. In the script setup, I have made them all Block Level Incrementals, and for each named backup i have added a media set name that corresponds to the backup name.


All the tapes in the library were left unnamed, and not assigned to specific media sets.


I thought that when a backup was running, it would select a blank tape, assign it to the media set that was named in the scripts Media Set option, then pick a new blank tape and add that to the media set once the first tape was filled.


What has happened appears different.


There are a couple of issues that have me really puzzled. When i looked this morning, my largest capacity raid is approximately half way through its backup, and is three tapes into its media set (correctly named).


The second raid that began Backup approximately the same time, has written to 2 tapes and has named them correctly....but it has stopped writing, and is flashing a warning that it needs Media. There are plenty of blank tapes waiting to be used, so why has it stopped?

Also - according to the various info panels, it looks as if that Backup script has only written 22gb, yet the tapes are 1.5tb each and its used two so far. And i would swear that when i looked earlier it had written a couple of terabytes of data overnight. This is confirmed by the Overview window which shows storage used at around 3tb.


Whilst the second script is waiting for media, a third backup has also started for another script, which is writing the data to a media set that is completely wrong. It is not the media set name that is in the script, but is the media set name i have added for a totally different backup script which has not even run yet!


Please can anyone suggest what might be going on here?

thanks Adam

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