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RetroEngine 11: Crash/Hang due to Out of Memory Issue

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An old issue has been "revived":

 - During a cleanup task the engine does not free its private memory running into a out of application memory issue


Initial setup (already set at version 10 and run at least for 60 times successfully before upgrading to 11.0.0-194):

 - weekly scheduled cleanup of all mediasets

 - mediaset settings vary from "retrospect policy" to "last 10 times" depending on the mediaset content and type

The script runs each friday night at 8 pm for about 12 hours. This works fine until the upgrade to 11.0.0


The first friday after upgrading to 11.0.0 the task runs as well, but leaving my system unusable with a memory issue "out of application memory". Holding the engine and freeing 500 MB of memory by closing some open applications, shows, that the engine consumed 24 GB of private memory and additionally 23.9 GB of kernel memory.


Stopping the engine by killing the process 'kill <process-id>' freed all memory instantaneously. 


While trying to reproduce the issue, I manually started a cleaning/grooming task:

 1.) taking memory footprint of retroengine (0.034 GB physical private memory / 2.61 GB virtual memory)

 2.) starting cleanup task

 3.) waiting for 10th+ collection stage

 4.) taking another memory footprint of retroengine (22.3 GB physical private memory)

 5.) stopping the task using the retrospect console, leaves the engine with still allocated 22.3 GB private memory


Please see enclosed screenshots for further information of steps 2 to 5.


Possibly there are two issues with retroengine 11.0.0:

a.) excessive memory usage whilst cleaning

b.) not freeing memory between stages


Unfortunately I cannot go back to version 10 as I already migrated my mediasets!


My configuration is:

MacPro 12 core




12 TB FW attached Backup Storage


Ticket 27403 - Screenshots .pdf

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