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Can't add disk to media set

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I've created a new media set (type: disk) named "ServerBackupDisk", with an external USB disk named "ServerBackupDisk1" and created a backup on this media set. Later I tried to add a second disk (same make/model) named "ServerBackupDisk2", but Retrospect wouldn't allow me to do this, saying "This disk is already a member of this media set." The second disk is _not_ showing in the list of media for the media set.


I tried renaming the second disk to something less similar ("BackupB"), biut that didn't solve the problem.


I ran the backup script to see if the disk was maybe added "invisibly" to the set, but no, it asked for the first disk.


Does Retrocpsect maybe confuse the two disks because they are connected to the same USB port?

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If the Finder is able to recognize the two volumes, there is no reason why Retrospect shouldn't also be able to do so.


In Retro 8, it was possible to specify an improper location for subsequent members of a disk media set. Take a look at the volume directory in Finder. It should show a folder named "Retrospect" at the root level. Inside this folder will be a folder with the name of your media set, and inside this second folder will be a third folder named 1-[your-media set]. This latter folder should contain only a bunch of files with .rdb extensions; if grooming has been performed, it will also have a file named "rdb_del.log." It should not contain any subfolders, particularly one with a name like 2-[your-media-set].


If it does contain subfolders, check to see if any .rdb files are in the subfolders. If there are no such files, you ought to be able to safely delete the folders.


You will then need to rebuild the catalog for your media set. You will most likely need to do this even if the directory of your backup disk member is correct, because the symptoms would then point to a corrupt catalog.

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