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Initial Backup with 10.5 for OSX 10.6

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Yesterday I installed 10.5 for Mac on my Imac. I am trying to perform my initial backup onto an external hard drive using Firewire 400 to a LaCie drive. The Imac is running snow leopard 10.6 and there is approximately 150 gb to back up. I have now been going for 21 hours and the console it showing me the backup rate varying between 1.8 MB/m and 755 MB/m . 1) is there a way to check the progress? 2) given that the Lacie drive allows connectivity for USB 2 , does this seem like a "normal" amount of time? 


I used 6.1 for years and have to say I am amazed at the make over of customer support. Between the tutorials, the improved interface, the console, the users guide, somebody brought Retrospect into the present. it has been hit or miss with the email support but still is is an astonishing improvement. 

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The Activity pane will gove you a progress bar. It will make a pass for the "copy" phase, and then another pass for the verify, if you selected that option.


21 hours is a little long, but not unreasonable. Check the progresss bar in the Activities. There is a "summary" and a "log" tab. The Summary wil show the progress bar, and the log will give more detail.

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You are backing up 150GB, that's a lot - it'll definitely take some time, especially over FW400, so about a day would seem right. I've had experience with a FW400 backup device, and it isn't especially fast. Remember that copying stuff generally takes about 4-5 times longer than verifying the same amount of data.


Of course it'll take a long time, if most of your data consists of small files, e.g. under 1MB each. At the same measure, very large files will also slow it down, especially if you're using compression as well. Be patient, if that's the only type of connection you can use, otherwise try using USB2, that should be faster still, if you leave the Mac alone to do the backing up.


As for the way to check it's progress, just click on the top item in the Activity area, this will show how has been copied, and what is left to do.

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