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v11 - will changing permissions still require a full file backup?

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With the new Block Level Incremental Backups in v.11 will changing permissions on a file still cause a full backup of that file?


ie. we have shares on our server, and changing permissions / access controls on a share (and propagating permissions) causes a full backup of all files (5TB).


At the moment we only adjust share points when we know we're ready to do a complete tape recycle backup set.




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Disengo Group:

From page 117 of the manual on Use attribute modification date when matching checkbox: 

"Retrospect uses the attribute modification date to identify and copy files for which only the extended attributes or ACLs are different. For example, if you are backing up a file that was backed up previously and you modify the ACLs on that file (but make no other changes to it), the only way for Retrospect to know that the file is different (and therefore should be backed up again) is by looking at the attribute modification date."

Basically if you have this box checked and change permissions it will back it up again (this what was happening to you). Unchecked and it will only backup when the file is modified/changed (ie: the date changes on the file through save overwrite ect).

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Thanks - this has solved our issue with permission changes and backups - but what exactly does this setting exclude from backups?


So are you saying that using incremental backups still caused the entire file to be backed up again when you modified the ACL permissions or did you not try your test? 

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