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Lost scripts and consequences

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I stupidly deleted my backup script from the console window but I thought I could get it back via Time machine by copying yesterday's Config80 files. Did that but the script did not appear. I vaguely remembered an earlier forum post which said that recreating the script and pointing it to the relevant media set would allow Retropsect basically to pick up where it left off.


Did that but the script doesn't append changed data to the mediaset but asks for a new member - does this mean it is going to start a new backup and that I can no longer access three months of backups? have stopped the script while I sort this out… Any help much appreciated 

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Thanks for your response. After I made my post I realised I hadn't tried stopping the engine. Did that and restarted Retrospect and there was the script. It still asked for a new member but at least it is only backing up changed files not the whole disk.


Can i pick your brains about grooming. My backup covers there or four months or so and there are probably files in there that I can let go now. My past experience with grooming has been that it can lead to interminable hangs and I'm not sure what it gets rid of any way. I've looked at a grooming script, but there seems to be no control of how much is removed there, as opposed to mediaset options where I can choose the number of backups to retain or use Retrospect standard policy. If i go the options route is the mediaset groomed every time the script runs. If not, how is the interval set. And what exactly is Retrospect's standard policy. Which route would you advise?

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Only when a script cannot store all the data it needs to backup, will a grooming of the media set occur during execution.  In any other case grooming will not happen unless you actually run a grooming script on the media set.  The only way to tell a grooming script what to remove is by setting grooming settings in the media set's options.  Unless you set a schedule for the grooming script, grooming will only happen when you actually run the grooming script or when the backup cannot store all the data it needs to backup.

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