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Retrospect and Bitlocker


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My system has two drives, an SSD and two HDs in a RAID 0 array. My Users directory is on the RAID array. Tonnnight when I rebooted the system the RAID failed. When I rebooted again it was ok, but I couldn't log into Windows. I booted from a USB drive, entered the Bitlocker passwords for each drive and checked the drives from the command prompt. The SSD looked normal, but the RAID array seemed to have lost the Users directory. I then rebooted using the Retrospect Disaster Recovery CD intending to restore the Users directory from the backup I had done earlier in the day. Unfortunately, I can't access the SSD or RAID array, I assume due to Bitlocker being engaged. There doesn't seem to be any way to get the recovery environment to unlock the drives. My current plan is to restore the data to another external HD, then boot from the thumb drive and use Robocopy to move the data back to the RAID array.


Is there any way to access a Bitlocker encrypted drive from the recovery Disaster Recovery CD environment?





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Ok... I was able to restore the data using the external drive and robocopy as I discussed in my original post.


I guess another way to have done this would have been to turn on the TPM chip in the BIOS, then restore my data to the drive. However, this may have also required restoring the SSD since its data would still be encrypted and inaccessible to with the TPM off. I don't know what would happen if the TPM were turned back on after restoring data to the RAID. Would Windows be able to start with one drive encrypted and the other not?



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