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Retrieve backup not finding all backups

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I have a disk media backup set with one member (a 6TB RAID) which according to the summary tab has 3363 backups and 11,504, 004 files. In the backups tab it shows me about 400 backups. When I click the 'Retrieve...' button I get an empty dialog (i.e. the other 2900 odd backups aren't shown). Any suggestions as to how to get to those other backups? This media set was recently rebuilt (following a groom-related crash) and it did show backups in the 'Retrieve' dialog immediately after the rebuild. Since then the machine has been doing backups with no crashes.




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Sometimes when one encounters a blank list, it's just that the Console app hasn't properly communicated with the Engine. Try quitting and relaunching the Retrospect Console. If that doesn't work, try stopping and restarting the Retrospect Engine.


Do you encounter the same blank backup list if you try to initiate a restore operation?

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Thanks, I've already tried stopping and restarting both the engine and the console. And I did a restore from a backup which was listed in the backups pane. Still nothing in the 'Retrieve...' dialog. The problem is that I want to restore a directory to an earlier date than what is shown in the listed backups. About doing the restore... If I do a restore from a point in time I get the same list of backups in the dialog, but the 'More backups...' button is inactive. 

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Are you trying to restore all files? Or just want to view/browse all files in the backup before manually selecting a few files/folders to restore?


After selecting restore button, and do a search restore. Don't type anything in the search field. This will view all the files in the backup, if I'm not mistaken, and now you can go through and tick all the files and folders you want to restore. Then go through rest of the restore proceedure to retrieve them.

Hope that helps.

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