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Hello All,

I was hoping someone could shed some light on an issue I am having little luck with. I have been put in charge of a large database of backups. At the time there was an SCSI based SDX-500c on the shelf labeled broken and another in service (I have been using till now). The one in service slowly died with increasing errors. I had suggested servicing the drives but was discouraged from that as other IT people began lending us their AIT machines. An SDX-500c with a USB enclosure and an SDX-900v with SCSI as well. The only thing that worked to read the tape library was to use the original machine. I stripped off the enclosure and mounted it in a PC with a terminated cable and that has kept us alive. I am now terrified that if this machine dies it will mean all of our tapes are unreadable. I am starting to think I should begin transferring the data on the tapes through another machine. Hopefully creating media that can be read on a more reliable machine. I know tape is a bit finicky and because I am younger I haven't really been exposed to scuzzy beyond hardware IDs and terminators. Is there something critical I have missed? Thanks.

EDIT: I have now found that the other Sony SDX-500c is not recognizing tapes possibly due to the contacts in the drive that seat against the back of the tape. I am going to try and swab it I suppose. Couldn't hurt.

I am using Retrospect 7.6 for the data sets.  No older or newer versions.



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It doesn't seem like you have missed something.


We stopped using AIT backups about three years ago. The tape drives were requesting cleaning often, more than once a week.


I recommend you to get an LTO tape drive and start transferring the backup sets.

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I am having issues getting the tapes to read now. I am looking to put it all on a hard disk with a redundant B copy of the disk as well. It's cheaper than tape and I feel better about it.

Is LTO and AIT compatible? I have read that one 8mm tape machine will go be read-only which is OK really. I dislike the murkiness that is dealing with AIT tape media, a lot of it sounds like superstition. When I was briefed on the process it was almost all superstition that was the practice of making it work. I have moved since to disk based backup and haven't had any problems as the amount of data we are storing is about a terabyte or so a month. I just want to reclaim the data of these tapes. It is my dragon.



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