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[solved] Two client with the same name


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I have two client (mail servers) with the same name because I'm migrating from one to the other. The application requires the name of the machines to be the same because one is replacing the other. I'd like to setup a backup of the new one before removing the old one, but when I click "Add" in the add client, it just seem to ignore me.


I'm assuming that is because it thinks it already exists. If I run test, it gets the right information. I also tried to add by IP address, but this fails as well.


Any ideas on how to get this done? Is my assessment of what is blocking it from adding even likely?

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Are both mail servers running now? And both are presenting the same "Retrospect" client name?


I think you should disconnect the old server from the network during the backup of the new one.

You may have to "Forget" the old client from the Retrospect server before adding the new one. (You can always "Forget" the new one and re-add the old one later.)

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No, you never lose the ability to restore old backups. In your case, the problem might be to have the correct client added to the server. You can always restore to another computer and transfer the files manually, if necessary.


Note that you can try to rename the old client in Retrospect. Try "mail server old" or something. The Retrospect Client name has nothing to do with the computer's actual name. The Retrospect name just defaults to the computer name when adding a client to the Retrospect server. It can be changed later.

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