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Report on space used within backup set for a given client

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Is there a report that shows how much space within a backup set a given client is using?


I can't seem to find anything in the documentation.  The operations log shows how much data was backed up during a specific backup session but it doesn't say what the total space used across all sessions in a backup set is.

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That question isn't easy to answer. Retrospect uses file de-duplication. That means a file that resides on multiple clients is stored only once per backup set. Which client should that particular file be counted for? It can't be counted for all clients.


The question is: Why do you want to know this? What do you want to achieve?

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That makes sense.


I have a set of computers which we will be moved and backed up to a new Retrospect server.  I want to find out how much space that set of PC's is currently consuming on my existing Retrospect server so that I can estimate how much space on the new server will be needed.

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I see.


I would go to each of these clients and write down how much space is currently used on their hard drive(s). Then I would add these numbers. That is roughly the space you would need.


If these clients have the same version of the OS and programs, and is using roughly the same kind of files, then lots of file de-duplication takes place. The space gained can (and will) be used to store several backups (of each client). So the above sum would be enough.


If these clients are dissimilar, I would maybe double the sum above, to make room for several backups (of each client).


I would also take into account that the amount of data collected by users (and on servers) over the years always increases.


Hope this helps.

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