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LTO-6 and crypting

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a simple question. The LTO-6 drives supports hardware compression and crypting.


Why is it only possible to select hardware compression in retrospect and not the crypting in the drive? Am i right if i say the only way to crypt is to use the software crypting from retrospect? But then the speed of the backup breaks down?

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Yes thats right, but not the issue here  ;)


The LTO-6 drive supports hardware compression and hardware encryption. The question is why this both is not supported within retrospect ...


Have a look at http://www.lto.org/About/faq.html


"Will LTO Ultrium encryption capable drives offer encryption key management?

Key management is not part of the LTO Ultrium drive specification. However, the format has been designed to work with third party key management software and it is expected that key management systems will be provided by a variety of sources that could include LTO licensees, tape automation providers, and independent software vendors."




"What are the benefits of encrypting data at the drive level vs. using an appliance in the network or software encryption?

Encrypting at the tape drive level can provide performance and capacity advantages for administrators. Encryption at the tape drive level enables compression before encryption, maximizing tape capacities, and allows high performance during backup. Encrypting using an appliance device in the network can create latencies that affect backup performance, and requires management of the additional device. Encrypting data at tape speed helps to avoid the need for host-based encryption of data — and the concurrent drain on host performance."

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